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Domel is a global development supplier of electric motors, vacuum motors, blowers and components. Our long tradition and the loyalty of our employees are the foundation of our success.

Domel motors are enabling movement of more than 300 mio appliances around the world.

Role in the project

DOMEL will create a prototype electric motor with PMs made from recycled content and study its functional performance parameters (e.g., energy conversion efficiency), durability (e.g., expected life time) and running smoothness (e.g. torque ripping, noise generation). DOMEL will additionally study the feasibility of using PMs made from recycled content in production of electric motors at large scale, considering both the extent of alternations in existing production lines that are necessary to make electric motors from recycled PMs, but also alternatives in designs for electric motors to enable easier recovery and subsequent recycling.

Reasearch Team:
Janez Rihtaršič; Head of R&D Domel
Danijel Rodič; Motor research and development department
Uroš Koblar; Development and motor construction
Miha Ogris; Development and motor construction

DOMEL, d.o.o.
Otoki 21, 4228 Železniki, Slovenia

Davorin Slabe
Otoki 21, 4228 Železniki, Slovenia
e-mail: davorin.slabe@domel.com