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The basic research in the Department for Nanostructured Materials at Jožef Stefan Institute focuses on inorganic materials with specific physical properties that are a consequence of their structural and chemical phenomena at the nanostructural and atomic levels.

The fields of research involve natural and manufactured ceramic materials as well as metals and intermetallic compounds.

The basis of the research is to find relationships between the physical properties of a material and its structural and chemical properties by using electron microscopy techniques to reveal phenomena on the nanoscale. Macroscopic phenomena, for example, phase transformations, phase equilibria, polytypisim, polymorphism, crystal growth, and microstructure development, are areas of particular interest. Apart from the basic research, activities are also focused on: postgraduate education, applied research, services for external partners.

Role in the project

  1. Leadership WP0 together with KOLEKTOR
  2. Advanced characterization of materials at all stages:
    • Scrap EOL magnets
    • HPMS/jet milled powder
    • Final magnets
  3. Magnetic characterization and Analytical methods:
    • SQUID, VSM
    • AFM/MFM
    • HR SEM and HR TEM equipped by EDXS and EELS, FIB
    • X-ray and ICP-OES analyses
  4. Protecting coating of the basic powders
  5. Processing of magnets on the laboratory scale

Reasearch Team:
Prof. Spomenka Kobe
Prof. Sašo Šturm
Prof. Kristina Žužek Rožman
Dr. Zoran Samardžija
Dr. Tomaž Tomše
Ms Sanja Fidler, B.Sc., Financial&Project Manager


Prof. Dr. Spomenka Kobe

Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova 29, SI-1000 Ljubljana